United Nations PMAPS Application


Acting as a Prime contractor, ExeQut designed, tested, and deployed PMAPS, a big data web application initiative of the United Nations Quartet for Middle East Peace. PMAPS provides NGOs, UN agencies, and businesses with actionable data and analytics on all aspects of the Palestinian economy. ExeQut reached critical milestones in just two weeks, ensuring continued funding for the PMAPS project and enabling this flagship project of the UN Quartet to launch on time.


Client Profile

The United Nations Quartet is an intergovernmental initiative between the United States, European Union, Russia, and the UN to facilitate negotiations as part of the Middle East peace process. PMAPS is the centerpiece of the Quartet’s economic mapping initiative for the Palestinian Territories.

The Problem

The PMAPS project had veered way off course from it’s original due dates. This was heightened by a code base that was sparsely documented, the Vue front-end and Laravel backend being complex and unfamiliar to those on the project, and communication between parties at a difficult level. Overall, it increased the risk that the project would lose funding.

Specifically, the UN initiative needed PMAPS’ administrative modules on the back end to be ready within just two weeks.

The UN Quartet’s Economic Mapping initiative, and the Quartet’s Project Manager for PMAPS, Ammar Nada, sought ExeQut’s support to strategically optimize the processes and documentation, as well as design and deploy PMAPS.

ExeQut hit the ground running: we needed to ensure that PMAPS’ administrative module was ready within the time constraints. We also needed to mediate with the Economic Mapping initiative, the project manager, and key PMAPS stakeholders to ensure that stakeholder requirements were correctly translated into PMAPS functionality.



With the two week initial milestone, and a further month to get PMAPS into a launch-ready form, time was of the essence. During the initial stage, the ExeQut team worked flat-out to strengthen PMAPS’ foundations. This included documenting the PMAPS code base, upgrading the back end administrative module, and ensuring that the deliverables were in line with the UN initiative’s expectations.

Our Solution

ExeQut leveraged a combination of deep web development expertise and strategic management to transform a seemingly insurmountable PMAPS development challenge into a viable, usable web application solution. We took advantage of our expertise with Vue and PHP to address deficiencies in the existing code and design.

By leveraging an agile development approach and working at a breakneck speed, we were able to deliver the initial milestone on time, as well as launch the final PMAPS solution within the initiative’s stipulated deadline.

The Result: “PMAPS has transformed access to Palestinian economic data.”

We exceeded the Quartet’s expectations by picking up a project that was out of alignment with deadlines and putting it back on track in a matter of weeks. We succeeded in deploying PMAPS and later partnered with them for ongoing maintenance and upgrades to the system. This project showcased ExeQut’s implementation abilities, nurtured our relationship with the client, and provided us with a vital foothold in international and government markets.

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